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Choose Alias Investigations as your Private Investigation Agency and jump start your investigation today. With this great option, our clients can feel safe and confident knowing their privacy and best interests are being taken into consideration. Get in touch today to learn about this and other benefits that working with the best in the industry can bring.



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We like making sure our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide, which is why providing this is so important for our Private Investigation Agency. As a service-oriented company, your satisfaction is our success, and that means doing everything we can to make you feel safe and protected, while simultaneously working hard to accurately and thoroughly solve each case we work on. Experience top-notch quality.

Experience Alias Investigations.

At Alias Investigations, no case is too complicated for us to handle.

Before we start an investigation we will need to conduct a free interview in order to gain as much information as possible and to confirm that an investigation is truly the solution you need. Our team will listen to why you would like to hire an investigator and we will give you our honest assessment of your situation and methods we would use to source the information you require. Whether we launch an investigation or not everything we discuss is completely confidential and is considered trusted information. 

We offer a free consultation in person, We will be completely up front with potential clients on costs and expectations. 
Just take a look at the large range of cases we’ve worked on in the past. Each case begins with a free and confidential initial consultation meeting. Once you decide to work with our Private Investigation Agency, we build a team for your case according to its nature and specific requirements. You can trust our professionals to ethically and professionally gather whatever information is required to help you make informed decisions. In every case, we’ll help our clients to the best of our ability, or guide them in the right direction towards the right information they need.


Local Family business struggling to keep up and were lost with questions and no answers. With undercover Alias agents in place, sales went up and product recovered.


A family in need to find a lost relative that came to Canada in the 1960's. They lost touch due to family separation and dispute. With disappointments multiple times they tried once again and three weeks of research and tracking down the right leads, they were found. The tears of sadness turned into once again a family love that will not be broken. 



A shocking mystery case was upsetting two hard working families in a small town. Two house holds with something in common. The professional Alias Investigations team was hired to solve the crime. Good honest help is just hard to find these days. Alias Private Investigation Agency brought peace back to these two homes, and justice was served.

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An impressive team of professionals along with this helpful feature allow our clients to feel increasingly confident about letting Alias Investigations work on all their cases. Our Private Investigation Agency provides everything you need to stay calm and assured. Simply schedule your initial consultation today and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Alias Investigations is a full-service Private Investigation Agency based in Sault Sainte Marie and service across Ontario.  Our licensed professionals provide a wide range of services to clients across the province. Alias Investigations will help you make the right decisions for you or your family. Alias will build a team around your needs. We are real people helping people find the answers and solutions and we will guide you in the right direction. So don't hesitate, lets find you the answers you've been looking for.  With a licensed team that boasts vast experience, we can assure that whatever your particular case may be, it will be in the most capable hands.

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